Call For Partners: Let’s Create A Global City Hacking Lab !

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We got something we want to put in action. So we are searching for ideas how to go about it: We are looking for old and new friends & partners to make it happen:

A global city hacking lab & campaign!

For some times our project explored and promoted hacking cities as the only towards sustainable cities. With friends and partners we have collected and invented a catalog of hacks that is constantly growing.

But what are all those hacks doing good if they are sitting on the shelf or are installed only one at a time?

So here is the idea: We want to install all of them and more at the same time in the same spot and have them their for some weeks or even months. Let’s create a living and permanently open exhibition in public space where people can experience the circular, open and free city or get a glimpse into it. Let’s break the limits of imagination.


How to go about it?

Here are a few first ideas to maybe build upon:

How Long?

At least several weeks or even months (probably 2). Several events and happenings should happen during that period.


How to make sure to make maximum impact for cities on this planet? The idea is to pick a city that attracts a lot of tourists and pick an area where they go but also regular city life happens. So we’ll get the experience of the circular city into many people and when they go home they take these ideas and experiences – their unlocked mind – with them. Let’s use tourism as our vector!


To be able to go for global impact it might be cool to to start the project already in a network of cities: Similar labs start and run in several cities at the same time. If you like to do that in your city get in touch. We are building the network right now.

Community, Support & Funding 

A good way to start the global campaign might be a kickstarter campaign. Not necessarily to fund it but for the built in viral effect of kickstarter. A kickstarter campaign can’t be the only funding source. It is crucial to find partners and funding for this also upfront – to start it at all.

Hacking Legislation * 

A project like this can’t be done under the radar like street art. It will deal with authorities, ask for official permission to install hacks and to things on the street. This is research in itself and will be well documented. Let’s find the holes/exploits in the current legislation where the sustainable city can be planted and use it for hacks!

Sustainable Through Documentation

Of course as always the outcomes and recipes of the project should be shared openly and catchy to enable people to take and implement the ideas also after the lab has ended. Create a collaborative approach – an open template – for hacking tutorials. No one nowhere can invent all the solutions alone. We have a bunch of ideas (that include the OSCEdays forum) but we like to hear yours.

Create simple and catchy 3 bullet point tutorials – with images Extended Explanations in the back.

Now it’s your turn.

A project like this can only be created with a group of partners and a community. We need to create this together – with you. We will reach out to a lot of people in the coming weeks and months. But we can’t find everyone. So reach out to us and let’s make things happen together.


Stay Tuned

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Lars, January 1st & March 1st, 2018

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