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The City Is Open Source has moved to a new page and is continued there under “Hackers Closing Loops”. There you can find a best-of from this page – for example on mobility, nature, society and products and new hacks as well.

Deutsch: The City Is Open Source ist auf eine neue Seite umgezogen und wird dort unter “Hackers Closing Loops” fortgesetzt. Dort finden sich auch einige Best-Of von dieser Seite hier z.B. zu Mobilität, Natur, Gesellschaft und Produkten. Außerdem gibt es natürlich neue Hacks!

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Dedicate Infrastructure To Bikes! 

More: Post 4

Turn Buildings Into FarmScrapers 

More: Post 15

Merge Public Transport With Mail!

More: Post 15

Clean The IT-Systems of the City! With Public Surveillatons!

More: Post 13

Pre-Use (!) Things

More: Post 11 | Post 15

Turn The City Into A Playground! Make It An Adventure For Your Body.

More: Post 10

NON-Shopping Malls! – Supermarkets To Factories Or Repair Shops.

More: Post 8 | Post 15

Cars To Food Zones

Post 15

Turn One-Way-Systems Into ReUse Systems; Make Public Infrastructure Facilitate ReUse. 

More: Post 8

No Glues But Bolts! Make Street Art Circular. 

More: Post 8 | Quick Guide To Circular Street Art

Grow Food In The City! Everywhere 🙂

More: Post 7

Plants Vs. Cars Game – Change Minds, Create Awareness.

More: Post 6| Post 15

The Cities Inner Workings Brought To The Surface To Engage Citizens Into Its Circularity! 

More: Post 5

Reconfigurate … Plan Things Publicly.

More: Post 1

Turn Street Waste Into Modular Parts With Endless Reuse Opportunities.

More: Post 9

Occupy Parking Spaces With Greenhouses! 

More: Post 15


Add Reasons To Use Public Transport.

More: Post 15

Professionalize Urban Agriculture – The Urban Food Gardener. A Startup.

More: Post 12

Hack Products Multi-Use

More: Post 11

Hack Packaging: Create Distributed Deposit Systems Bottom Up. 

More: Post 8

A Political Voice Of Our Biosphere.  

More: Post 7

Sheeps In The Subway. ReUse Public Transport For Urban Agriculture. 

More: Post 13

Incentivize Public Transport

More: Post 15

A TUTORIAL: How To Do City Hacking? 

More: Post 6

Street Infrastructure Supporting Deposit Systems. 

More: Post 4


Green-Smart-Mobbing. Collectively Repurposing Cities! 

More: Post 1

Reversibility Is Key! Highlight Modularity In Your City.

More: Post 3

Lead By Example! Make Modularity Not Waste. 

More: Post 3

Turn Bins Into Sharing And Communication Systems.

More: Post 8

Picknick Don’t Park.

More: Post 15

Social Security Systems To Biosphere Protecting Systems

More: Post 15

Hacking People: Make Beer Drinking Even More Social

More in Post 11

Transparency For Circularity 

More in Post 15

The ReUsed City: Make Future Uses Publicly Visible

More in Post 10

Billboards Campaign For Repair.

More: Post 8

From PIWO To DIDO! A Vision For The Circular City.

More: Post 8


The City As A Botanical Garden, or Nature Protection Area. 

More: Post 7 | Post 15

A City Shaped By Its Biosphere: Empathy For The Connection Of Biosphere & Technosphere.

More: Post 10

Biodegradable Street Art & Public Activities

More: Post 8

Surveillance Is Something We Can Take Down Quickly. 

More: Post 5 | Post 13

Chairs Instead Of Cars! 

More: Post 1

Toolbox (Project Phase 1) 

More: Post 6 | + Toolbox

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